The Blessing Endeavor

The Blessing Endeavor | Fall 2020

Here at Manor Church, it’s all about Jesus!

We aim to love God and love others. In the overflow of such an aim, we often say: “We are blessed to be a blessing!” It’s a theme all across God’s grand story. It’s at the core of Jesus’ own life, his good news, and his call for our own faithful work.

Throughout the years, one of those big blessings has been an active benevolent fund within Manor’s financial framework. This special fund regularly receives designated gifts, above and beyond normal tithes and offerings, to be used to help people in serious need. The fund has assisted individuals and families in a hard place when they needed to put food on the table, pay rent, fix a furnace, catch up with an electric bill, and a host of other “in-a-jam” situations.

In this season of serious crisis, we recognize that the COVID-pandemic has brought about economic trials for various individuals and families across our region. And there’s a strong likelihood these needs will precipitate in the coming months. 

We praise Christ that our current special fund is generously supplied, and we’d like to partner with you in even greater ways to help bless people in need and further spread Jesus’ gracious good news.

This is where you come in!  If you know of a friend, neighbor, or coworker in need, please share with us by completing the one-page request/proposal. It’s never our practice to quickly and randomly toss around money. And we are currently compelled to make certain that these special funds are used generously to graciously partner with people and situations in serious need in this unique season. We know we are not able to meet every request/proposal, but we would love to hear you share boldly about the needs of others around you so we can seriously consider a potential partnership. 

Here’s a grassroots blessing endeavor that can make a deep impact. Our aim is to lovingly share the blessings of this benevolent fund with more people! 

“Please complete the form and submit it. Each request/proposal will be kept confidential and carefully considered for next steps of appropriate action.”

Great thanks for aiming to love God and love others, expressing good news as Jesus’ active hands and feet. We look forward to blessing more people in such ways!