Next Steps

Take A Step

Whether you are new here or have been attending for a while we want to help you consider your next step. We warmly invite you to…

Attend a Service

Come join us for a service. There is something for everyone in your family as we have fun and engaging children and youth activities.  Plan a visit

Attend Our New Attender's Orientation

Our New Attender’s Orientation meets the first Sunday of every month at 9:00am in our cafe.  This is a no-strings-attached time to simply learn more about us as a church, meet a couple members of our Manor Staff, and ask any questions you might have.  Let us know you’re coming to the next one 

Explore Our Next Steps Gathering

Join us for a 3-week class where we will explore our vision and values including faith in Christ, baptism, communion, church membership, giving, serving, and group life. In addition, it is very likely you will make some new connections with others during our time together. There are no strings attached so you won’t be pressured into doing anything. We do believe that you will learn some new things and trust that you will be blessed as you discover some personal next steps. Find out more about our next gathering 

Get Baptized

If you have placed your faith in Jesus and are looking for your next step, we warmly invite you to be baptized. Baptism is the public, outward expression that you have chosen a new life in Jesus. How will it work? The first step towards baptism is connecting with a pastor to prepare. This will include answering any questions you have and going over practical details. One of our pastors will gladly help you prepare for baptism and help you put together a short message for you to share with our community (don’t be scared about sharing, we will help in all ways!). The reason we have you share is because baptism is a community thing. Our community will be excited to hear the short version of why you are being baptized. Your sharing also allows our community to know you a bit better and join with one another in encouraging you in this next step of faith. Please keep in mind that no one's story is boring and that your sharing encourages our entire community! Then, you will join one of our pastors, or other influential friends or family if desired, in the water and be baptized.
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Serve at Manor

We believe it is important to make a real difference in our church community! We invite you to join us in doing just that. There is a place for you to use your gifts and talents to serve others by volunteering at Manor Church.
Kids at Manor
Manor Serves

Serve the Community

We believe in making a real difference in our greater community, outside of the Manor Church walls! So, we invite you to serve with us in doing that. There are a few ways you can get involved in serving our community right here at home.

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Serve the World

We believe in making a real difference in our global community. This could mean doing practical things right here at home or participating in God’s work around the globe. In the United States, the world is coming to us in many ways. So, sometimes global impact can happen right in our own backyard.

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